Mini Feedback Session with Mimi Allin Begins Nov. 7

Hello, Everyone -

You’ve been hearing about Mimi Allin for months, even years. Her work is provocative. Her feedback is challenging. Other artists find her inspiring. Sometimes you tell yourself, “I want to be in a session with Mimi, and cut free from my inhibitions.”

Here is your chance! Mimi will be conducting a Mixed Discipline session on Monday nights. Come, and bring a friend. This is a short session, so we will hit the ground running.

Mondays, Nov. 7 to Dec. 5, 7 to 9:30 p.m.
Mixed Disciplines

Facilitator: A K Mimi Allin

A K Mimi Allin first came to Seattle’s attention big-time back in 2006, when she assumed the mantle of “The Poetess at Green Lake” and spent every Sunday in the park for a year, sharing and receiving poems with passersby. Since then this conceptual artist has conducted more than a score of events, many of them providing opportunities for other artists to pursue work on their interests. Nobody who was there will forget these studies: In White, In Melancholy or In Memory. Mimi spent the summer conducting a pilgrimage, Tahoma Kora–not only walking around Mount Rainier but performing prostrations most of the way.

Mimi is a member of the Field Steering Committee. If you want to see more about her work, please look at her website. It’s a virtual certainty: If you take part in this session, you’ll be inspired–and challenged

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