Mixed Discipline Session Starts Sunday, Oct. 7 — Sign Up Today

Visual Arts, Verbal Arts — And A Swan Song

Facilitated by Wyly Astley & Karl Thunemann

Sundays, noon to 2:30     Oct. 7 thru Dec. 9  

Mixed Discipline sessions give us the joy of seeing the work of artists whose perceptions may be fundamentally different from our own, and hearing how they receive our work. If you’ve ever done a mixed discipline session in The Field-Seattle, you know how exhilarating this can be.


Wyly Astley
Karl Thunemann.

About the themes

We hope the session will include several visual artists. Too often in the past our visual artists have been solitary participants amid a pack of performers and writers. At the same time some of these visual artists say they don’t want this session to be solely about visual art. To this point Karl solemnly promises not to bring in ANY visual art–at least none that he has made himself. And of course others who take this pledge are also welcome.

Also, this session will mark Karl’s swan song as a Field facilitator. He has been facilitating Field sessions for eight years, and it is time to leave the Field to talented new artists such as Wyly to facilitate sessions and help the Field chart a new course.

About the Field 

The Fieldwork “reflective feedback” process respects the artist’s primary role as creative decision-maker and leaves it to him/her to decide whether and how to make use of the feedback. We’re excited to learn how this work might benefit actors in developing audition material and honing their audition craft.

A Field session is not a class. It is a group of artists, co-facilitated by peer-participants. We do not aim to function as editors or directors, but to give one another generous feedback about what we have seen or heard in their work and how it affects us. All artists are welcome.


Sundays, Noon to 2:30 PM
Oct. 7 – Dec. 9, 2012

COST - $100/$90 for members


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If you have questions about the session, please email [email protected]


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