The Field-Seattle is pleased to offer Seattle-area actors a six-week opportunity to hone their audition skills!

For more than twenty years, The Field has been a forum for artists of all stripes—from dancers to playwrights to photographers to solo artists—to present their work at all stages of development and receive feedback.

The Fieldwork “reflective feedback” process respects the artist’s primary role as creative decision-maker and leaves it to him/her to decide whether and how to make use of the feedback. We’re excited to learn how this work might benefit actors in developing audition material and honing their audition craft. Our aim is not to suggest material, coach performance, offer corrections, or give advice on how to get cast. Instead, we provide participants an ongoing opportunity to receive peer-level feedback regarding how their audition might be perceived by potential auditors—always allowing the actor to make the adjustments as he or she sees fit.

Participants can bring new material to each session, or continue refining the same piece throughout the six-week session.

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