Announcing The Field-Seattle’s Fall Mixed Discipline Session

Facilitators: Karen Kinch, Nancy Calos-Nakano, and Sophia Wheelwright
Time: Meets Weekly on Sundays, October 13 to December 13, Noon-2:30pm
Location: Studio Current on Capitol Hill in Seattle – 1417 10th Ave (between Union & Pike, down the hall behind Sweatbox Yoga Studio)
Cost: $100 for Non-Members/$90 for Members (Past Field Participants)

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

Are you a choreographer who wants feedback on your newest dance? A writer who needs a regular meeting to help keep you motivated to write? If you’re an independent artist—whatever your art form—participating in a Field workshop can help you grow as an artist by giving you a weekly opportunity to show work, receive feedback and find language to describe your work.

The Fieldwork Method originated in New York over 25 years ago. Workshop sessions are designed to provide support, structure and community to help artists of all genres and disciplines to more fully immerse themselves in their creative process. The Field’s reflective feedback method reveals how a creative work is perceived by others and provides detailed information that helps artists hone their vision. By focusing on what’s happening in the work and how those choices shape the work, Fieldwork respects the autonomy and vision of each artist.

The Field’s framework is great for developing works in all stages of progress. Mixed Discipline sessions give us the joy of seeing the work of other artists whose perceptions may be fundamentally different from our own and hearing how they receive our work. If you’ve ever done a Mixed Discipline session in The Field-Seattle, you know how exhilarating this can be.

The Fieldwork “reflective feedback” process respects the artist’s primary role as creative decision-maker and leaves it to him/her to decide whether and how to make use of the feedback.

A Field session is not a class. It is a group of artists, facilitated by peer-participants. We do not aim to function as editors or directors, but to give one another generous feedback about what we have seen or heard in their work and how it affects us.

Sculptors, painters, fiber artist-makers, musician/composers, dancer/choreographers, actors, singers, glassblowers, playwrights and poets—all are welcome!

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