Spring Mixed Discipline Session to Begin March 30

The Field-Seattle is excited to offer a new Mixed Discipline Session for generative and interpretive artists from all disciplines to create, develop, and refine their work. How do you know if a Mixed Discipline session is right for you?

  • Are you looking for a weekly deadline to lend structure to your artistic practice? Artists bring up to 10 minutes every week (or can elect not to present). You can bring peices of a larger work or present the same 10 minutes with refinements to get new perspectives from week to week.
  • Do you find that working in isolation is making your work less joyful? Field sessions create a generous, thoughtful community of artists who share work, often resulting in new artistic connections and collaborations.
  • Are you resisting sharing work–or starting work–because you feel it (or you) is not ready for an audience? Work can be presented at any stage of development, allowing a safe place to present work that feels vulnerable or fragile. Early exposure to an audience can help new and unformed work come to life.
  • Do you find yourself shut down or defensive when you receive feedback on your work? Does the feedback you receive seem unhelpful or misdirected? The Fieldwork “reflective feedback” process respects the artist’s primary role as creative decision-maker and leaves it to him or her to decide whether and how to make use of the feedback.

A Field session is not a class. It is a group of artists, facilitated by peer-participants. We do not aim to function as editors or directors, but to give one another generous feedback about what we have seen or heard in their work and how it affects us. The Field’s reflective feedback method reveals how a creative work is perceived by others and provides detailed information that helps artists hone their vision. By focusing on what’s happening in the work and how those choices shape the work, Fieldwork respects the autonomy and vision of each artist.

Facilitator Rebecca Goldberg is particularly interested in exploring how artists with different backgrounds perceive and learn from each other’s work. What does a poet have to say to a painter? How can a dancer help illuminate the work of a playwright? What happens when we experience the work of other artists as peers and maybe even begin to experiment with new media in our own work?  Experiencing and articulating your thoughts about the work of other artists helps to define your aesthetic and gives you a fresh perspective on your own creative process.

Here are the details:

Meets Weekly: Sundays, March 30 to June 1, 11:30 am to 2:00 pm (9 weeks; no meeting April 27)
Location: Studio Current on Capitol Hill in Seattle – 1417 10th Ave (between Union & Pike, down the hall behind the Sweatbox Yoga Studio)
Cost: $90 for new participants/$80 for Field members (past participants) and Studio Current Nuts and Seeds
Registration:  Here or e-mail [email protected]

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