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The Field was founded in New York in 1986 as an artist-run organization providing comprehensive programming to artists through a non-curated process. The mission was to create a supportive climate for experimentation and the development of new work, welcoming to a broad range of artists and voices. The Field continues to fulfill its mission today through a growing network of cities in the U.S. and Europe, including Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Berlin, Vienna, and Tokyo.

The Field-Seattle began more than 15 years ago and counts among its early participants several established Seattle performers. Vanessa DeWolf was director of The Field-Seattle for many years and was instrumental in extending the community and creating a strong focus on clearly articulated feedback. We are grateful to her for the group’s current meeting space in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Today, The Field-Seattle offers Fieldwork sessions three times a year as well as workshops in reflective feedback and facilitator training. We are especially committed to educating others about the power of reflective feedback to nurture artistic growth and to cultivating a skilled community of Fieldwork facilitators.

The Field-Seattle Steering Committee

Rebecca Goldberg, theatre artist
Beth Peterson, playwright
Carolynne Wilcox, theatre artist

The Field-Seattle Fieldwork Facilitators/Workshop Leaders

(current and active within three years)
A K Mimi Allin
José Amador
Vanessa DeWolf
Christy Fischer
Janice Fournier
Lea Galanter
Rebecca Goldberg
Keith Hitchcock
Mary Hubbard
Karen Kinch
Jim Kinch
Sean O’Connor
Mary Purdy
Sara Scribner
Lydia Swartz
Karl Thunemann
Kristen Tsiatios
Kris Wheeler


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