What is Fieldwork?

The Field-Seattle provides a setting for artists to grow their work, go deeper into their artistic practice, and present work in a community of peers.

This community gathers for sessions that meet regularly, usually for eight to ten weeks.

Photo taken by Youth in Focus

In the sessions, artists hone their ability to give and receive feedback. The sessions are facilitated by artists who also show work and participate in giving and receiving feedback. They are trained in the principles of reflective feedback, which emphasizes observation instead of judgment and correction.

Each session of The Field-Seattle is non-curated and artist-driven, providing a forum for artists to develop their works in progress. By sustaining an atmosphere of reflection in giving and receiving feedback, the Field encourages artists to maintain their autonomy. They decide how and whether to use feedback as their work evolves. We aim to embed this process in a supportive environment that fosters peer relationships among the participants.

In conducting a session, our facilitators are encouraged to cultivate generosity by example: In the way they show work and receive feedback, in the way they view and give feedback to others, and in their openness toward artists at every level of experience and in all disciplines.

Photo taken by Youth in Focus

Because Field sessions are aesthetically diverse and embrace many artistic forms, every artist is responsible for developing her or his own aesthetic. It helps remember that these sessions are not classes, but peer-led workshops.

If you would like to see The Field in action, you can ask to sit in on a meeting of an on-going session, or arrange for the Field to present a demonstration session to a group of artists. In either case, write us at [email protected]

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