Who Benefits from Fieldwork?

We like to think of The Field – Seattle as an open field where all kinds of art can take root and flourish.
You could also think of the Field as a big tent—big enough to shine a spotlight on all kinds of artists at many stages of their careers.

Choose your own simile.

The Field has no “typical” artists. As an idea, the Field came to life in New York more than 25 years ago when a group of choreographers—frustrated that their work received no feedback until it was presented to its ultimate audience—started showing their work to one another while it was still under development. They held these sessions in art galleries, and the feedback they all received became a powerful tool for revising and honing their work. It also helped build their sense of community as artists.

This movement developed the guidelines of reflective feedback, which are useful and appealing to artists in every discipline. When we say artists, we mean writers, playwrights, performance artists, dancers and choreographers, and musicians. We mean writers—from poets to short-story writers and novelists, from essayists to writers of creative nonfiction. In the visual arts, we mean painters, sculptors, collagists, fiber artists and a host of others. We mean musicians and composers, whether they are creating new work or deciding what to do with a body of existing work. We mean artists looking to step beyond the constraints of labels, as in poets who want to paint, dancers who want to generate their own text or writers who want to interact with their audience.

And of course we mean creative people whose first goal is simply to explore the possibility of being an artist.

The Field is a very big tent.

Everyone in the Field is unique. But you might classify us into a few broad groups:

  • Some have studied and made art in college. Perhaps they’re just out of school, or left a few years ago and are trying to figure out how to pursue their creative lives.
  • Some are older, and are interested in finding out what they can do as artists. Maybe they know precisely what medium they want to work in. Or maybe they want to experiment with media, mixing and matching.
  • Some are established artists, looking for a compatible milieu—the company of other creative people—to pursue their latest project.

Do you see yourself in one of these groups? The Field – Seattle could be just the place for you!

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